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FCCLA Week Wonders

Submitted by: William Wilton, FCCLA Vice-President  I have always looked forward to FCCLA Week in my High School.  It was our chapter’s chance to showcase what we do as an organization to the rest of our school by getting them involved in our projects and letting them see what FCCLA was really about.  This year […]

Looking Back on 2017

Submitted By: Brianna Gable, State Secretary  As I look back on 2017 I think about the moments I have had and lessons I have learned. What stands out to me most is how much I learned about life. I learned how quickly it can be taken away. I learned you have to work hard to […]

Advocating for a Strong Future

Contributed by: Mia Kegley, Nebraska FCCLA President This November, I attended that National FCCLA Capitol Leadership Conference with the Nebraska FCCLA First Vice-President, William Wilton. This conference focuses on empowering FCCLA members by educating them on advocacy. Attendees gained hands on experience by going to Capitol Hill to advocate for the Strengthening Career & Technical […]

Tis the Season for Applications!

Submitted by: Hannah Pearson, Vice-President of Competitive Events Tis the season for applications!! December and January may bring snow days and cozy nights by the fire, and for Nebraska FCCLA members it brings the must needed snow days to work on Officer Applications and STAR event projects. So let it snow, let it snow, let […]

Making an Impact

By: Jamie Janousek Vice-President of Membership Through my years of being in FCCLA, I’ve noticed that it has changed my life. But what I didn’t realize was that what I do in FCCLA changes other people’s lives as well. I believe that I change the lives of FCCLA members, teachers, students, and the community. By […]

Be Thankful For….

Submitted by: Brianna Gable, State Officer Team Secretary One of my favorite phrases is “When asked if my cup was half full or half empty, my only response was I am thankful to have a cup”. I think it’s very powerful and applicable to all of our lives. In February 2017, at the Peer Education […]